About Us

About Us

 We at AmericanDropship first began as a small dream of an idea to start an online company that used dropshippers and wholesalers to provide their customers quality products at an affordable price. The hardest part of doing so was finding the suppliers, and making sure they were good ones through trial and error. After buying list after list after list on auction sites and other websites, we found that everybody was selling the same beat up old list that only led to the junk products that everybody and there brother was selling on what seemed like 1 out of every 3 websites. We needed another solution.

So we decided to seek out all of the most reputable dropship, wholesale and manufacturing companies. After we had spent over 2 years compiling a list, we finally got our dream of owning our own website and providing our customers with high quality merchandise at beyond affordable prices. Some people even asked us if we were dropshippers or wholesalers. So now we had this list.

We decided to continue building a list that everybody that was in the same position as we were when first started up, could use as their most valued and prized possession. We decided to our market our list at for less  money than anybody else on the web.

We at AmericanDropship are dedicated to providing the most affordable directory anywhere. We know that starting your business from home can be a real pain and we want to help you get started off right.The dedication behind providing our customers with the largest and absolutely the most comprehensive guide ever devised along with having the most affordable directory on the web is what we pride ourselves on.

At 240 pages, no dropship list can compare to ours and at only $12.00, no company can even come close to providing you with such an extensive list of companies for such a low price. Most of the other companies are all out to make a quick buck without taking the time to realize who their customers are. We know it is hard to get started, we were there too. We would rather sell 100 guides at $12.00 rather than 10 guides at $120.00 like the other guys. We know that you have come to us looking for an inexpensive way of making money online and we understand that putting out a lot of money all up front is not what you want to do. So we make it easy to get the ball rolling by charging you a small price for a one of the most important purchases you may ever make.

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