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Payment Information

We have chosen to accept MoneyBookers.Com as our online payment processor
(see why below)

We accept:

 MoneyBookers.Com (Credit Cards O.K.)
Cash (at your own risk)
 Money order
Personal or business check
Cashiers check
(We know about the fake Cashiers Checks and Money Orders so please don't bother sending us a fake)




We have chosen to accept MoneyBookers.Com as our online payment processor for the following reasons...
(this is just a small summary of a few reasons)

Customer Service:
Paypal is very difficult to contact. There is no phone number or address visibly listed on their site (if at all). MoneyBookers has an address, phone number and fax number all on one page and one click away from their homepage.

Paypal has had so many breaches in their security that we feel it makes them very unsecure.
MoneyBookers requires more info than just a password and email address to access and send funds from your account thus making it harder for hackers and scammers. MoneyBookers also logs every transactions I.P. Address thus making it easier to track fraudulant buyers.

Paypal has an ever increasing amount of fees. MoneyBookers costs less for us and in the end for you our customer because if our costs are lower, then we can pass that savings on to you by having lower prices. The same goes for chargebacks. Paypal does not do their research before allowing payments to be sent and received and have a high instance of chagebacks. Moneybookers has chargeback protection thus not allowing chargebacks to us and again saving us money and allowing us to again pass the savings on to you our customer.

More Options
Overall, MoneyBookers has more options that appeal to us both as merchants and customers than Paypal.

For More reasons why not Paypal, Click Here

Please note these are our own opinions and we suggest you do your own research before you decide on whether you do or do not continue to use Paypal. We know that Paypal has many loyal users and we admire that, however we hope to educate people that Paypal is not a monopoly and there is other reliable, secure payment services out there that have much to offer without losing sight of the people who make the company successful....the customer.
We highly reccommend MoneyBookers.Com
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