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User Resources

Welcome to our User Resources page.

A page devoted to our opinions of great resources. We hope the following information can benefit you in your ecommerce ventures.

Now you may be wondering what all of this is. Well this is a page devoted to some of the things we have learned through trial and error while building our online stores. We figured, why not make a page devoted to all of the people who need it but are tired of looking and searching for everything they need to get started in the ecommerce world for as little time and money as they could possibly do it for.

As stated, through trial and error, we have found a very inexpensive way to put a store out there on the Internet.

Below you will find links to some of the tools we have used to get where we are right now.

The Tools....

First of all, you will need a place to build your site. We have found several different options to our benefit and to others as well.


The best "free" service for building a store that we have found  is They provide a basic template in which you can build upon. they have free shopping cart built right in. They provide several different payment options to accept, and the customer support is wonderful.

As for a paysite which is the best all around package that would be  IPowerWeb .. Yes it costs a little but is well worth it if you want a pre-built templates, lots of ability to to play with your HTML, need a domain, website and hosting all in one and includes a free shopping cart.

O.K....How do I get my money?

Well there are several different options out there with the obvious choice being Paypal We do not use their services nor would we recommend them to you.

We recommend the following...

We would most definitely recommend MoneyBookers . They are free to sign up and offer credit card payments. Personally, we feel that they are much more secure than Paypal (our own opinion) Another good point yet also could be bad depending upon how you look at it, is that they charge the sender of funds, not the payee for the transaction. It is a very small fee and does not go over a set price of 1% up to 0.50 Euros which is about the same in USD (50cents).

Of Course if you want or need to charge Credit cards directly, there is ProPay which for a very reasonable $35.00 per year charge, you have the ability to directly charge a customers credit card. This is great if you accept credit cards directly.

How do I know if what I am doing is going to work?

Well to tell you the truth, you just don't know...It all depends upon how hard you are willing to work at it and whether or not you use all of the tools I am providing you with to their full potential. You should know though, if you found this site, then we must have done something right because you found it. We use the tools we recommend. We do not pay for clicks, We do not pay for submissions. We do not pay for advertising.

Some of the things you can do are creating proper meta tags. You can use Submit Express to create Meta Tags to place in the front page of your website.

Then you will need a place to check your site to make sure it is up to par with where it should be. You can use Widexl Meta Tag Analyzer tool to check out your site. This is another free service and they have several other tools that you can use free of charge as well.

How about promotion?

Well there are several tools you can use....For starters there is search engine submitters that do some of the work for you. We have found the following to be worth the effort... Just Make sure you use a free email service as your email address like Yahoo or Walla! because you will get a ton of emails...some you need to confirm and some you don't

Metanet Communications - They want you to place a small banner link to them but is well worth it.

Submit Express - Again a free service and free is always good.

AddMe - They want you to place a banner on your page but it is not required.

1-Hit - Another one who wants a banner but is not required.

AddPro - Yet another who wants a banner but doesn't actually require it.

SubmitShop - Free again...They also have tons of free webmaster tools that are useful.

Add your URL to Google - An absolute MUST!! You can't rely on free submitters to submit to Google for you...Do it yourself and know it was submitted.

Submit to Yahoo - Another MUST!!

Submit to MSN -Yet again...another must!

Now it has been said that search engine submissions and keywords do not any longer go hand in hand. Well to some extent that is true. You want to have the proper keywords and meta tags in your site and you want their relevancy to be good, but one thing you truly need to do to get higher placement in the search engine rankings is get a link to your site on other website's! There is tons of ways to do this. For example, Free Link Exchange, Forums (as long as you don't SPAM the forums you'll be o.k..WebRings, contact other sites that you feel would somehow relate to yours but not offer the same type of products and ask them to do a link exchange. Now there is Pay for links but we really don't recommend them only because of the obvious...It costs MONEY!!! You can do this for yourself and have great success with it. Just don't forget when making requests or signing up for affiliate site that you don't use your real email...but the one from Yahoo or Walla or whatever free service you choose.

As for affiliate sites...this is a good way to make some extra cash...

First and foremost, we recommend that you sign up for our Affiliate program so you can make 50% of each sale you generate

We would have to also recommend the major one. It Lists all of the Best Affiliate program sites and that is Commission Junction. They provide high commisioned accounts from tons and tons of advertisers.

The Best way to spread the word about your new website...

Finally, Probably the best ways to get the word out about your site...Word of mouth, fliers (you can make them, print them and distribute them on your own. 

Another really neat tool is Guaranteed Traffic Funny Video program which allows you to send your site to friends without it being SPAM. Then it gets forwarded to their friends and then their friends and so on...Best of all...It's Free

Well, we hope this helps you out on your journey. If you find a really great tool, feel free to let us know.

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