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You have taken the first step at owning the most comprehensive dropship source directory on the web to date! This is the most affordable dropship guide on the market and with 240 pages of dropshippers wholesalers and manufacturers, nobody beats our price or our  sources!



What Makes Our List The BEST?

First and foremost is the dedication behind providing our customers with the largest and absolutely the most comprehensive guide ever devised along with having the most affordable directory on the web. At 240 pages, no dropship list can compare to ours and at only $12.00, no company can even come close to providing you with such a list for such a low price. They are all out to make a quick buck without taking the time to realize who their customers are. We would rather sell 100 guides at $12.00 rather than 10 guides at $120.00 like the other guys. We know that you have come to us looking for an inexpensive way of making money online and we understand that putting out a lot of money all up front is not what you want to do. So we make it easy to get the ball rolling by charging you a small price for a one of the most important purchases you may ever make.


But the "Other Guys" promised me the best...


This is not the same directory you see posted all over the web.

This is not a copy of somebody elses directory.

This is not your typical directory.

It is much much more.

Now we know you may have seen the "Detective" type guides and the "Only true dropshipper" guides out there on the web. And everyone of the them promises to be the best or the only true directory of "Real" dropshippers and they are running upwards of what we have recently seen of $200 bucks! Well let me tell you a little secret....NOBODY offers a guide as comprehensive as the one you are about to receive from us. They will even show you that you can get all these items that you see on everybody elses websites like Navarre leather goods and basically the cheap junk that everybody passes off as "Quality" merchandise. Well I am here to tell you that it is those companies that show you items like that, that are providing you with the same dropshippers and wholesalers that everybody and their brother uses.

Why would you want a list like that? Wouldn't you like to sell products that not everybody has access to? Products like, Canon and Olympus digital cameras, $4.00 DVD's (and I'm Talkin' NEW RELEASES!), Franklin Mint Limited edition items at below wholesale,Sony PS2, Xbox, more up-to-date new release video games than you could handle,shoes, jewelry, cosmetics,clothing and accessories,toys, designer sunglasses, purses and watches, every type of electronic device ever made (and some you never knew existed) from every Brand Name manufacturer, high end car parts and accessories, computer software and games, should I go on?

Below is just a small sample of the brands and products you will be able to sell using our dropshippers. Sony, Canon, Olympus, Toshiba, G.E., Dewalt, Levis, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Makita, HP, IBM, Xbox, Nintendo, Activision, Nikon, Lexmark, Panasonic, Aiwa, Minolta, Black & Decker, Sharp, Norelco, Phillips, Craftsman, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Argus, Fuji, JWIN, RCA, SanDisk, Samsung, Estee Lauder, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Sony Playstation, Cobra, Casio, Gemeni, Chauvet, Numark, Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, IGIA, Avon, CoverGirl, Smashbox, Fisher, Teac, Bratz, Playskool, Fisher Price, Memorex, Hamilton, Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange, Disney, Coca-Colaź, Warner Bros., GameSoft, IMSI, JIAN,



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